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I'm a photographer and young filmmaker who specializes in screenwriting and directing. My strong sense of creativity and passion for literature and visual arts are what drive me to tell powerful stories that resonate with a dark aesthetic, where individual voices come to life.

At the start of my studies, I explored cultural creations and developed my artistic mind by attending a high school that offered a specialization in the basics of filmmaking for three years. I also coupled this with intensive English lessons to hone my language skills.

After these early formative years, I moved to Paris and completed a BA in Letters, Editing, Media, and Audiovisual from La Sorbonne Université (in French). My studies focused mainly on Linguistics, Medieval French, English and Nordic Literature, Creative Writing, and Poetry.

In 2017, I moved to Iceland and enrolled in the Literature, Culture, and Media MA program at the University of Iceland (in English), where I pursued my interest in Linguistics. I also deepened my knowledge of Adaptations (mainly literature to film) and English Literature. My thesis’ subject was Gothic Culture as Catharsis, and I researched the emergence of this artistic genre to expose the construction of the Goth sociocultural identity.

I finally decided to reunite with my first love - filmmaking - by joining the Icelandic Film School for a 2-year diploma in Screenwriting and Directing (in Icelandic). After a year there, I've been hired to write a film based on an original idea (which is a work in progress), and my student documentary “Keep F****** Going“, which is a continuation of my thesis work, has been nominated at the 2023 Stockfish Film and Industry Festival in the Short Fish competition, where it won the “Documentary of the Year“ award.

I mostly write and work in English but I am also working on French-speaking and Icelandic-speaking projects. In May 2023, two short films were released that I both wrote and directed. “Augun Hennar (Her Eyes)” is based on an original idea by Sunny Thor and is their graduation film - it is the first Icelandic film that I direct. My own graduation film, “Sophie“, is in English.

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